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What is Revisitors?

All online businesses need targeted website visitors in order to be successful. Revisitors operates an online advertising network built to help businesses get high quality targeted website traffic at reasonable prices. Come see How it Works.

With Revisitors' innovative approach to Internet marketing, you can buy targeted traffic and begin receiving hundreds of website visitors from our advertising network without having to produce costly marketing material, such as banners, flyers or text ads. Click here for web traffic pricing.

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Read 500+ testimonials

After spending thousands of dollars on SEO over the past few years, and wondering when it would end, I found Revisitors services after a quick search on Google. After just a few days of seeing the results of my campaign I am asking myself "Why did I spend so much money and time on SEO". Revisitors has not only offered a highly professional service but have given REAL results - and without spending thousands of dollars. Excellent service. HIGHLY recommended to ANY web-master that is looking for REAL results in REAL time.

David A. Elliott
Popular Articles Inc.

We started to experiment buying hit traffic about 4 months ago and send 7000 visitors a month to our store on GCU. We have tried 3 companies that were worthless and results untrackable or noexistant. When i complained they made up excuses for why i did not receive what i purchased. We have low expectations and I don't expect to sell , but if i buy traffic i expect to at least receive visits that are trackable and not excuses- like ( traffic went to a clone of our site or it came in to fast to track properly) all lies. We were ready to give up on purchasing trafffic, but we finally we found one company ( that delivers traffic that seems real and trackable and if we don't see the real traffic we pay for they take responsibility and make up the difference. We have seen a slight increase in sales, and while its not cost effective yet, it does gain exposure for our cards on GCU and we will continue it to help our Valxart brand name. Selling cards is a long term process for us"

David Preader



  • TRAFFIC PLAN 1 2,500 VISITORS 80 to 100 visitors per day $ 19.95 / month
  • TRAFFIC PLAN 2 5,000 VISITORS 160 to 200 visitors per day $ 28.95 / month
  • TRAFFIC PLAN 3 10,000 VISITORS 320 to 400 visitors per day $ 48.95 / month
  • TRAFFIC PLAN 4 25,000 VISITORS 780 to 1000 visitors per day $ 99.95 / month
  • TRAFFIC PLAN 5 50,000 VISITORS 1560 to 2000 visitors per day $ 189.95 / month
  • TRAFFIC PLAN 6 100,000 VISITORS 3120 to 3500 visitors per day $ 349.95 / month

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1Choose your Revisitors traffic plan

Traffic plan form helpTraffic Plan #1 - 2,500 VISITORS
Low cost, great value. A perfect targeted traffic campaign for doing testing or to supplement an existing website traffic campaign.

Traffic Plan #2 - 5,000 VISITORS
Excellent beginning budget-conscious campaign for a small site. 5,000 visitors over 30 days may bring you the customers you need to fine-tune your customer service, get feedback on your site design, and identify broken links and confusing navigation.

Traffic Plan #3 - 10,000 VISITORS
Our best seller, and the best campaign for a business ready to start selling. It's a great value, and you get enough visitors to really make an impact on sales.

Traffic Plan #4 - 25,000 VISITORS
Choose this campaign when you're ready to go to the next level. You've put together your site, you know that the design is good and the navigation works, and now it's time for customers! By purchasing in volume, you save even more!

Traffic Plan #5 - 50,000 VISITORS
This is the campaign you want when you really want a boost. 50,000 guaranteed customers! Watch the customers roll in and let your site do the work!

Traffic Plan #6 - 100,000 VISITORS
The Big One! If you really want to make money, this is the campaign for you! 100,000 visitors in 30 days, at great volume pricing! You will have a virtual flood of visitors!

Target form helpEvery Revisitors campaign is strictly targeted based upon your selected geographic or language target. Our redirection server resolves the geographic location of each visitor (as well as the language setting of their web browser) before they are delivered to a customer's campaign. That way only in target visitors will be delivered. While our geotargeting system is proprietary, results will be consistent with those of services such as the GeoBytes IP address location database (please note that we are not affiliated in any way with GeoBytes).

Category form help Choose from our advertising network's over 160 categories, from Advertising to YouTube. Learn more by clicking on "How it Works" on the blue navigation bar at the top of Revisitors website.  (CLICK FOR FULL LIST)

3Tweak your traffic
campaign details

7-day Rush Serviceform helpA standard Revisitors campaign will deliver the balance of its visitors in 30 days. In some cases, a standard 30-day campaign may take a bit less or a bit more time complete its delivery, as our supply of traffic is limited to the number of visitors we are able to gain via our advertising network.

For those who need their visitors delivered in a shorter period of time, we recommend ordering our 7-Day RUSH service. Our 7-Day RUSH service gives the campaign a higher priority in our delivery queue, allowing the balance of its visitors to be fulfilled within 7 days. Our RUSH service is priced at $2.50 per thousand visitors purchased (i.e. for a 10000 visitor campaign, the RUSH service fee will be $25, on top of the traffic plan price, for a total of $73.95).

Please note that 7-Day RUSH campaigns renew on a weekly basis, while our standard 30-day campaigns renew on a monthly basis.

Allow Pop-ups & Soundform helpAs it's more difficult to locate advertising partners who will permit the use of pop-ups, pop-unders, sound or video which begin automatic playback, frame-breaking scripts, or forced JavaScript exit prompts, we have to pay a bit more for their visitors. If your website contains *ANY* of the previously listed content, make sure to select the "Allow Pop-ups & Sound" option on the order form. Our Pop-ups & Sound service is priced at $1.50 per thousand visitors purchased (i.e. for a 10000 visitor campaign the Pop-ups & Sound fee will be $15 on top of the traffic plan price, for a total of $63.95)....

Premium Traffic Networkform helpWe put together a dedicated feed of our most premium traffic, that includes visitors from pay-per-click search engines and content specific websites. Campaigns in our premium traffic network rarely experience delivery issues and visitors tend to stay on the page longer than those of our regular traffic, resulting in higher conversion rate, and better performance. Premium traffic is priced at $3.5 per thousand visitors (i.e. the additional fee to run a 10000 visitor campaign on our premium network will be $35, for a total of $83.95)....


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