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How Revisitors delivers visitors to your website

Revisitors benefits

Get started fast

No need to produce costly marketing materials such as banners, text ads or keywords: our full page ad technology will display your entire website via our advertising network.

Reasonable prices

The high volume of visitors arriving at the websites in Revisitors advertising network allows us to offer our traffic at very reasonable prices.

Geographical and language targeting

Display your website to visitors within a specific country, region or language to make your online marketing more effective.

Our personal touch

One of our marketing specialists will be on your side from day one, helping you set up your campaign correctly, reviewing your site, and sending their feedback on how to improve it. was built to help small business owners and online marketers get high quality, geographically targeted website traffic through our full page advertising technology, which eliminates the need to produce costly marketing materials such as banners or text ads. The high volume of website visitors in our advertising network also allows us to offer our traffic at very reasonable prices.

Revisitors online advertising network is composed of thousands of websites worldwide; this network receives hundreds of thousands of website visitors every day. Customers' websites are displayed to our advertising network's visitors, based on each campaign's selected geographic or language target. Customers’ websites are displayed as full page ads, generally in a full-screen pop-up or pop-under window; therefore we do not require any banners, links, keywords, or purpose specific text. When you buy web traffic at Revisitors all we need to get you started is the URL of your website, your preferred geographic or language target (we will only promote your website to visitors within the target of your choice), your choice of category, and the amount of website visitors you would like to have sent to your site. Once your campaign is active, we will display your site on our network where it will be viewed by thousands of real people.

We at Revisitors understand the importance of driving high quality traffic to our clients' websites. For this reason we constantly monitor the sites in our network and the quality of the website visitors these sites attract. We also search continuously for additional quality traffic sources that meet our high standards. We carefully support our customers in order to make sure that their campaigns are set up correctly by reviewing their websites, sending feedback on how to improve them, and striving to maintain a personal relationship with each of our customers.

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Read below to learn more about us and about how our traffic network and redirection system works. We also provide some tips for optimizing your website to work better with our targeted traffic and convert visitors into sales, sign-ups, or referrals.


Revisitors operates an online advertising network, established to provide advanced marketing solutions for online website promotion. Since 2005, Revisitors has helped over 120,000 customers to promote their websites with outstanding results in online marketing, maximizing their return on investment while minimizing marketing costs.

As Internet marketing maintains its rapid growth, Revisitors continues to improve its offerings by developing new technologies and innovative marketing tools. In order to meet the constant challenge of converting visitors into buyers, we at Revisitors constantly invest in reviewing and optimizing our traffic network to offer our clients a reliable, cost-effective advertising solution.
The Revisitors
Traffic Network

Revisitors advertising network is composed of thousands of websites designed to cover a wide variety of topics and categories. Some of these websites are large portals, while others may have a more narrow market. Every day millions of users access the 21,000 (and growing) sites in the Revisitors network to watch music videos, get their local weather, play games, get sports headlines, movies reviews, and much more. In addition to these sites, we maintain over 12,000 expired domains, each related to specific topics or categories, which generate large amounts of quality traffic.

We continuously monitor the quality of the sites in our traffic network, add new sites, and remove under-performing sites on a daily basis, resulting in a constant improvement of our traffic quality.
The Redirection

How does our system display our customers' websites? Every time somebody visits a site in the Revisitors' traffic network, we display one of our customers' websites as a full page ad, generally in a full-screen pop-under window.

Click here to see a sample of how our clients’ sites will appear throughout our network.

End Result? Massive exposure of your offering to a broad audience. Compared to pay-per-click or other advertising methods, you will be able to show your site to more people, at a much lower cost per view, in a shorter amount of time.
Geographic and Language

Much of our efforts are directed toward filtering our website traffic by geographic or language target, as we fully understand that a site shipping products only within the United States will not be able to do business with website visitors from Europe, or that a website composed entirely in English will not need to attract visitors who speak other languages, and vice versa. By allowing our users to target their ads based on specific countries, regions, or languages, we believe that we can help businesses make their online marketing more effective. Our goal remains the same: to provide the best return on your advertising dollar through the delivery of high quality, affordable Internet marketing services.


When you make a purchase, one of our marketing specialists will visit your website, send you their feedback, comments, or advice on its content, and set up your campaign. It is in our best interest to do so, because if your campaign converts to sales, sign-ups, or referrals, you'll be more likely to come back for another purchase. Thanks to our manual review process and our online advertising technology, our customers are able to maximize their internet advertising dollar. By connecting your website to our content-rich affiliate and partner sites and search engines, we can deliver amounts of targeted website traffic that goes well beyond any traditional online promotion method.
Best pages to use
with our traffic

All you need for a full page ad is the URL of the page on your site at which you'd like visitors to arrive. In most cases you'll experience better results by directing visitors to an uncluttered, compelling, quick loading page, created with your core campaign goals in mind.

Think about your full page ad from a web-surfer's point of view. When a full page ad is displayed, a visitor shouldn't need to spend time figuring out what you're trying to sell. If your message isn't compelling, they'll simply close their browser window. For example, if a website visitor is shown an ad which requests their contact information without a detailed description of what they might be signing up for, they're unlikely to keep that ad open for long, let alone fill out the form.

A few hints on how to create an optimized full page ad include a prominent logo, an attractive image, a brief (but detailed) description of what you have to offer, and a single action button.

Prominent Logo: Get your brand out there. Make sure there's a prominent logo on your site. Even if a visitor chooses to close your ad, your brand will have gained exposure.

Attractive Image: Remove the clutter. If it's not a part of your main message, or if it's not helping a visitor with the task at hand, you probably don't need it. One obvious step is to remove other ads from your full page ad destination URL. We've seen several full page ads that are little more than long lists of links or banners. This type of landing page is unlikely to gain a visitors attention, as it's redundant and cluttered. Choose a single ad, promotional offer, or message, then tailor your landing page around it. Don't do anything to distract a visitor's attention from that offer.

Brief Description: Most web surfers aren't detectives! Spell out exactly what your site, product, or service has to offer them. Don't beat around the bush; wild, generic claims are unlikely to entice new customers. Try to keep you description simple, without sacrificing the specifics, but don't overwhelm visitors with information. Provide just enough information to capture a visitor's interest, so that they'll want to explore the rest of what you have to offer.

One Action: Decide what you want website visitors to do and then help them accomplish that task. Out of context, a typical website's homepage has too many links and too many messages-this is likely to confuse a casual web-surfer. Think about the flow of the page used for your campaign: does it guide website visitors to your desired destination or outcome?

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