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The Revisitors Publisher Program

Reel in the chaos and complexity of selling your ad inventory directly to advertisers. Drive more sales and become a better team.

Revisitors is now accepting publishers who feel they can promote our clients websites to their visitors. When joining Revisitors Publisher Program, you get the tools you need to start making money from your website.
Revisitors is the monetization solution of choice for website owners.
Get paid to show sites in the Revisitors Network to your audience
Signup for the Revisitors Publisher Program and gain immediate access to your control panel where you can track your clicks and revenues
Have simple control over what runs where – you select the type of websites from the Revisitors Network you will show to your clients.
Chose your preferred way of redirecting traffic to Revisitors: you can show Revisitors Network sites as popunders automatically or simply display targeted ads on your site.
Every detail is completely transparent to you
You set how our clients' sites will be shown on your site to fine tune your visitors' experience
We get your ad inventory in front of high-quality advertisers to maximize your revenues.
You can track how many times you displayed a Revisitors Network site to your audience and your revenue, in real time.
Get Started:
  • Easy Set Up
  • Competitive Revenue Stream
  • Monthly Payouts
  • Real Time Statistics
  • All Major Locations Accepted
  • NOT host content that delivers malware
  • NOT host content that delivers browser hijacks/redirects
  • NOT host copyright infringing (pirated/illegal) material
  • NOT link to copyright infringing (pirated/illegal) material
  • NOT contain or link to adult content

Read the full requirements here.

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